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Claim management

Reviews & Appeals

Do you feel that your concerns haven’t been reasonably considered prior to a decision on a claim being made?

Maybe there was inadequate investigation into a claim before it was accepted.  Was the claim accepted in good faith and further information has come to hand that leads you to believe it may not be work related.

Work Injury Solutions can explain how it works in simple terms.

We will review decisions on claims for you and give you advice on how to progress the matter with WorkCover, or lodge a Review or Appeal.

We can support you with the preparation and submission of your documentation if you wish.

Workplace health and Safety

Safety Systems

Don’t let average safety practices ruin your business or your reputation.

We can work with you and your workers to build a comprehensive Safety System customised for your business.

A good safety system includes strategies for the wellbeing of your workers.  

Maintaining the health & wellbeing of your workers is good for business, and puts money on your bottom line through reduced claim costs and lower WorkCover premium.

Please note that Work Injury Solutions does NOT offer legal advice.
We offer sound business advice based on more than 30 years of experience in people and  injury management.