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WorkCover Premium Analysis

Let us work with you to reduce your premium.

Workers compensation insurance is compulsory in Queensland for anyone who employs 'workers'.

As a general rule, any person who receives payment for labour only, or substantially labour only, is probably a 'worker' and you must declare their wages to WorkCover.

Paying someone on their ABN does not necessarily mean that they are not a 'worker' for workers' compensation purposes.

Let us assist you to understand your obligations in this area. 

Your WorkCover Queensland premium is based on your wages and your premium rate.  Your premium rate is based on the cost of claims in your industry, and more importantly, the cost of claims made against your WorkCover policy.

We can review your business arrangements and advise you on ways to reduce your premium liability.

We can also help you understand how premium is calculated and how to use premium forecasting as a business planning tool.


Please note that Work Injury Solutions does NOT offer legal advice.
We offer sound business advice based on more than 30 years of experience in people and  injury management.